Our Story

The recipe for our success is the family

It was on the 19th of November 1959 that Bruna and Armando Belfico, newlyweds,decided to open their first restaurant in Panicale.
Their cuisine, made with genuine products and in accordance with Umbrian tradition, began to attract many people.

Beautiful is the memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini lifting the lids of the pots in the kitchen to find out what Bruna had cooked…


We love the history
but also the comfort

Our Boutique Hotel Masolino offers its guests 10 rooms in a sober and elegant style, each with its own special character.

Each room is named after one of the various works of art that enrich the town of Panicale: you will find, for example, the “Theatre room” and the “Fountain room”, passing through the “Florentine Arch” and the room celebrating the Tulle Museum.

Quality of dishes
and warm welcome

At the Masolino restaurant, we have been hosting our customers since 1959 and over the years, we have distinguished ourselves for the quality of our dishes and the warm welcome given to our guests.

The Masolino restaurant is the place to enjoy the best Umbrian cuisine, where careful choice of raw materials meets refined preparations techniques, in the splendid atmosphere of Panicale’s historic centre.



The terrace on Lake Trasimeno

We are in Panicale (PG), recognised as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, which is called “the terrace on Lake Trasimeno” due to its location. Perched on a hill at the foot of Mount Petrarvella, between the Trasimeno and Nestore valleys, the village still retains the elliptical structure typical of medieval castles.