Our story

Our Story

The recipe for our success
is the family

It was on the 19th of November 1959 that Bruna and Armando Belfico, newlyweds,decided to open their first restaurant in Panicale.
Their cuisine, made with genuine products and in accordance with Umbrian tradition, began to attract many people.

Beautiful is the memory of Ferruccio Lamborghini lifting the lids of the pots in the kitchen to find out what Bruna had cooked.


In 1978 Armando
had his second great intuition:
to open the first hotel in Panicale.

The most loyal customers, who even came from far away just to eat at Armando e Bruna, had to stay overnight.

Thus the “Trattoria da Armando e Bruna” became the “Albergo Ristorante Masolino”, in honour of Masolino da Panicale, an important Italian painter of the 1400s.

The family has come a long way since then.


Today, Stefania and Andrea, Bruna and Armando’s children, run the business well, continuing with the careful selection of genuine products, respecting tradition but with a hint of innovation.

Their dedication and attention to detail contribute to the quality and reputation of the restaurant and make the atmosphere at the Boutique Hotel Masolino warm and friendly.